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Furniture design and manufacture

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Interior design

Interior design already for quite a while is not exclusively a luxury class service. It is available to everyone who wants to create an environment that is pretty, functional and according to one's individual taste. It can cover only one room in your house or it can cover everything – even a conservatory, terrace or balcony. Interior design is created in accordance with client's wishes and function of the selected room. Very important is the overall style – is it going to be a country house with ethnical features or an up-to-date penthouse.

Our designers will create an individual offer to each and every customer.

Price of an interior design project is negotiated with each client separately.

Kitchen design

Kitchen design is very complex as it without furniture includes different household appliances. In order to work out a successful kitchen interior design, the designer, first of all, has to take into consideration customer's life style. A lot of is dependent of the kitchen space. Small kitchens often crave the most mobilization of the creative potential. Nowadays we have a wide range of both possibilities and materials when choosing our kitchen style. Everything is possible – classics, modern style, eclecticism, solutions that are suitable for country houses and cottages.

Kitchen layout

Kitchen style is created by person's habits, opinions on comfort and rhythm of life. However; there are common suggestions that should be taken into consideration if one wants a more ergonomic kitchen layout. We talk about a comfortable kitchen layout where everything is easy to access and reach. When placing furniture and household appliances the sequence of actions should be considered. Usually one starts with food products storage – fridge. Then follows processing – sink or worktop, then cooking – stove, oven. Last step is the food serving – dining table. It is followed by removing dishes – washing, collection of remains – waste bin.

Furniture height is also of high importance. Height of a dining table is usually 75 cm. Height of a kitchen worktop is 90 cm. Standard worktop width is 60 cm. If one wishes, it is possible to extend the width to 70 cm. Height of a comfortably reachable area is 195 cm.

Taking into account the number of people who could operate in the kitchen, the kitchen size and other parameters, we design individual kitchen layouts.

Kitchen designing

In our salon Kuhni belorusi you can buy kitchen furniture based on individual orders and projects from the largest furniture manufacturer in Eastern Europe - ZOV.

Custom made kitchen furniture is not just furniture; it is an exact fulfilment of your needs that we can help implementing in life.

When coming to our salon or contacting us electronically you can receive a full range of services that will ensure implementation of your ideas and plans in life.

Our first task – to hear out and understand each client's wishes and needs, provide with consultations with regard to choice of styles and materials. To be a guide in the not so simple world of kitchen furniture.

We create sketches, do inspection and survey of premises where furniture will be placed. We create a project and 3D visualisation according to your wishes.

We offer consultations regarding the choice of materials, technique and fittings, as well as do calculation of costs.

We will be glad to see you in our salon and carry out your wishes!

Kitchen furniture manufacturing

All kitchen and cabinet furniture that is ordered in our salon is manufactured in the Belarusian furniture factory ZOV.

ZOV is a modern factory operating with the latest technologies and equipment. Its capacity and production quality is provided in a 25 000 m2 large factory with the latest German, Italian and Polish manufacturing technologies and equipment - "Homag", ITA, KOIMPEX - that serve for more than 2 000 qualified foremen and employees. The manufacturing process is continuous and goes on each day for twenty-four hours. Despite that, an individual approach to each customer is remained.

All materials and complete products are certified and correspond to ISO9001:2008 standards that regulate designing, development and manufacturing of cabinet and kitchen furniture.

In order to protect its production, since 2010 all hidden parts are labeled with a PVC tape with ZOV's logo.

All complex individual, expensive solid wood furniture sets are assembled in the factory in order to prevent any defects and imperfections. The customer receives kitchen furniture of a perfect quality.

Kitchen furniture

ZOV offers its clients a very wide range of materials and styles when selecting a kitchen equipment of their dreams. Starting from traditional materials and proved values to futuristic kitchen interior design solutions. Everything depends on wishes, taste and sense.

Classic ZOV kitchen furniture:

  • natural wood

Classic kitchen design from natural wood - it is an outstanding, centuries-proven material, up-to-date processing and the best fittings.
Belarusian furniture manufacturer ZOV offers classic kitchens made of ash-tree, pine, alder, cherry-tree and oak-wood. Solid wood kitchen furniture, good interior design and professional approach will create a pleasant and rich atmosphere in your home.
Classic kitchen furniture is always marketable regardless of trends.

  • framed MDF

Nowadays classic kitchen furniture can be pretty, durable and by no means expensive!
ZOV's technologies let creating very different, also complex, classic kitchen furniture with framed MDF facades that a nonprofessional will hardly distinguish from a natural solid wood product. MDF is a very solid, inexpensive, deservedly popular material in furniture production. Both classic and modern furniture is made of this material.
The most favourite styles when choosing classic kitchen furniture are ZOV's offered: London, Paris, Glazgo, Marseille.

Modern kitchen furniture by ZOV

The Belarusian furniture manufacturer ZOV offers modern, elegant, up-to-date kitchen furniture that combines both curved and straight lines.

A modern interior design incorporates also new and contemporary furniture materials. Belarusian kitchens produced by ZOV can boast of the widest range of materials:

  • Natural wood – deservedly a very popular material thanks to its special wooden warmth and texture.
  • Veneer from natural wood – these are DSP and MDF slabs that are veneered with a 0.4-1 mm thick natural wood plate. Interior designers often choose this material for kitchen as it allows a wide choice of textures.
  • Coloured MDF - in addition to colouring available in the standard colour palette, ZOV offers colouring according to RAL colour chart as well an option to use effects. Painting is done in several layers: 2 layers with ground, 2 layers with enamel paint. After each layer a special polishing is performed in order to smooth out the upper layer and ensure a fine lasting of the next layer. Finally comes the varnish that makes your kitchen furniture resistant against external factors.
  • With film covered MDF – it is an ecologically pure material with a high resistance against humidity, mould and germs.
  • Framed MDF – is used both in natural wood kitchen imitations and in modern design kitchens. It is a qualitative material for reasonable price.
  • Acrylic – the most advanced material that is used in a contemporary kitchen interior. The glossy acrylic polymer has deep colouring with a mirror effect. Curved acrylic facades are widely used.
  • Postforming – kitchens where this material is used are more resistant against deterioration. A DSP slab covered with a hard plastic is used as a base. Kitchens with postforming are as a rule glossy, may include different curved details and are not expensive.